Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday !!!

SunDAY a day we all wait for, (we even get relaxed by just saying sundayyyy..........) !!! outings, shopping, movies, a nice cosy sleep ( if u r from software field :P )...

I am no different though, I have to work for 6 days a week and I love Sundays just like anyone else, but I prefer not to sleep, I want enjoy every moment !!! Go outing or just go home hang out with my family and friends. Some times I do make exceptions like today.

My today’s List to do was just to sit in my room and enjoy the beautiful weather.. And also blogging, you know that feeling the evening breeze, rainy sky, a cup of hot lime tea I hand take small sips with some novel in hand or blogging like me.

This is the second time am trying to bring out that atmosphere. I remember first time I tried kept water in kettle and went in search for other add-ons, only to find I was out of sugar damn! Well I was determined so I made a without black tea.. Ahem ahem!! AND I HAD TO DRINK the whole cup of tea phew!! ( first time in my life I felt respect for people who drink this stuff, especially diabetic people, I salute u guys !!! ).

And It didn't end there as time went I had a territorial dispute with mosquitoes, it was bloodshed everywhere human blood was splattered and that human would be me :( !! YES they won I had to retreat to my room!! So much for my wonder full evening!!!

And as for today I was all prepared with sugar lime everything, and as earlier I kept water in kettle!! This time I couldn't find knife to cut lemon :( drooped it
Though I managed to get the evening breeze during which I wrote this post, it’s getting dark now!! And they will be coming for my blood....
OH god they are here I can pain feel the pain, but with laptop in my lap I am helpless..... May be its time!!!
Good nit people.
Take care
Enjoy life!!!