Friday, October 3, 2014

Mumbai in a day!

Am a person who would jump in with anyone who invites me for a journey, with least planning and money, which I believe comes along the plan or sort off comes along! 

So, Mumbai in a day! 

1. The Local Train 

We hopped in a tourist bus from Pune to Mumbai and my friend asked us to get down at this place, which I totally forgot! Sai or something like that! and first thing he did was he took us to a small railway station with not so happy crowd, the moment when I told myself this the crowd, this is Mumbai crowd, this is the local train crowd which I have been repeatedly hearing all these years from news to movies! This was it! This is that moment! 

#Random image from google 

2. Gateway of India, Taj hotel and Elephant caves! 

The huge monuments had its own charm and it earned a check on my list. Then usual photo shoots including the one below and off to elephant caves, a gorgeous boat ride in hot summer. Voila! 

Elephant caves are worth a watch! It may be more pleasant on winter. Definitely not an April getaway!

3. Awesome Cabs and Awesome Autos

The only place where you won’t have to bargain/ fight for fair fare! They won't take a penny more than the meter charge. A huge applause!

Unlike the autowala  in Gujarat, who charged me Rs 70 for 1 KM! That’s another story!

4. Juhu Beach

The famous Juhu beach, and the colorful golas of juhu! Also witnessed an expensive wedding on the side by resort! 

#Random Image from google

5. Black and Yellow Taxi

I am an automobile enthusiast and I love both new and old cars for their own reasons. And I always wanted to try out the black and yellow Fiat taxis in Mumbai! Which is at the edge of extinction. I guess it's the movies which engraved this crush in me. 

6. Sea link + 7. Marine Drive


We cruised through the traffic in the hefty old FIAT! Below is a snapshot of our drive rather adventure as this Fiat was insanely fast! I even thought of praying! 

So the adventure ride ends in Marine Drive with a few moments staring at the sea! Peaceful ambiance with mesmerizing breeze, we lay there numb for few minutes. Decided to call it a night!

On way back, I also got to experience the late night street food! Added with double vodka! And one more local train (the last one) journey! We were done! 

Also happened to see 8, Amitabh Bachan's and 9, Ambani's Mansion! 

What chances do they have? What chances can we give!

When I see transgender people in trains and I decide not to give them any money. I keep still, ignoring there pokes and at same time I wonder, what other options do they have! I mean people don't employ them anywhere, or if at all some one does that! not all will feel comfortable.

Am not saying am going out and building an org to help them, but some day I may or may not.
But I do believe, if they are given proper training and opportunity, they may not have to live this. This world is full of opportunities, which they may not see or aren't aware of.
I believe People like us who have better circumstances can raise the under privilege by just showing them the right path!

Speaking of which, I was really happy when I heard about of the following. I mean we all say the need for equal opportunity for every being, but how many of us are really happy when you see it happen?