Friday, September 30, 2011

The Rise of LungiMan

Today we officially declared LungiMan as our superhero :).
In this occasion I would like to thank Divya, Rishin and Vipin for there support.

Now FAQ about our super hero.

#Villains - heroes needs villains to survive, and LungiMan ain't behind. he have his own personal villain "the evil Mundu-Ooran" I repeat The evil Mundu-Oran with a hypen and double O!

#Favourite drink - Rum mixed with ellaneer.

#Timepass - Swinging by trees watching over the world, No he doesn't cover the desert area.

#Fav quote - it's a "kurangu", it's "thengu-ketekaran vasu", no it's LungiMan!!

#Why LungiMan - Because he is the man with the lungi.

#Why Lungi - Its a multipurpose device with state of art features - Killer looks, Climate control, Aduthoma move, sack up corpse.. to name a few 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Speaking of Indian super heroes...

Speaking of Indian super heroes, the first one who comes in my mind is our very own desi Shakthiman! followed by Captian vyom, krish and then latest SRK flick. What if there existed a super hero from our God's own country :D. Well I couldn't come with any interesting names, other than thangpan, velaydhan uhh rajapan ;). So presenting MR X.

Do send in suggestions for super powers suitable for this dude :).

We officially name him as LungiMan - suggested by my dear friend Divya.
Also Lungiman is now on facebook. Check it outyou can also follow him on twitter @lmlungiman.