Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is GOD corrupt???

I guess most of us of have visited temples at least once in a life span and we know there are different types of people who visits shrines temples etc. I believe some types of visitors in temple are,
1. Hard core believers: who have faith in god more than his/her life.
2. Semi believers: “well it’s nice to go to temple, gives more faith in oneself”.
3. Forced on: one who is forced by family or parents to visit temple.
4. Ambience lovers: Well some just love the ambience of shrines and other holy places, very peace full.
Post in any type which you have noticed and correct me if am wrong!

Anyways to the point, have any one ever wondered why we put coins or cash or tip in temples?? WHY?? One thing you might say “it’s for temple’s running costs and maintenance “which I agree, but have you got any other valid reason for this action ?? NO right!!
Or are we trying to bribe god to fulfil our needs. Hmmm I thought we could only bribe humans but this is amazing any ways all those atheists out there, are saving loads of money: D must admit. So have you ever thought of this? I know it’s like a custom which is being followed for centuries. Hmmm “Centuries” may be this is the part where the corruption was discovered, someone had to start it right. If you really have faith in GOD, do you think we need to bribe god to have you matters done?? Do we really need to give tips to get things done?? do post in your replies !!

And next time you visit a temple try giving that tip to those homeless people who beg outside the temple, who knows, for them you might me the god!!!