Friday, September 30, 2011

The Rise of LungiMan

Today we officially declared LungiMan as our superhero :).
In this occasion I would like to thank Divya, Rishin and Vipin for there support.

Now FAQ about our super hero.

#Villains - heroes needs villains to survive, and LungiMan ain't behind. he have his own personal villain "the evil Mundu-Ooran" I repeat The evil Mundu-Oran with a hypen and double O!

#Favourite drink - Rum mixed with ellaneer.

#Timepass - Swinging by trees watching over the world, No he doesn't cover the desert area.

#Fav quote - it's a "kurangu", it's "thengu-ketekaran vasu", no it's LungiMan!!

#Why LungiMan - Because he is the man with the lungi.

#Why Lungi - Its a multipurpose device with state of art features - Killer looks, Climate control, Aduthoma move, sack up corpse.. to name a few 


  1. man Let puttu and kadala do to him what spinach does to Popoye

  2. @Rishin enna pinne kappyum meenum akiyallo?