Thursday, September 29, 2011

Speaking of Indian super heroes...

Speaking of Indian super heroes, the first one who comes in my mind is our very own desi Shakthiman! followed by Captian vyom, krish and then latest SRK flick. What if there existed a super hero from our God's own country :D. Well I couldn't come with any interesting names, other than thangpan, velaydhan uhh rajapan ;). So presenting MR X.

Do send in suggestions for super powers suitable for this dude :).

We officially name him as LungiMan - suggested by my dear friend Divya.
Also Lungiman is now on facebook. Check it outyou can also follow him on twitter @lmlungiman.


  1. His name will be LungiMan. When he lifts up his fluorescent colour lungi and ties it around his waist, it'll set of a storm in which all the villains will be destroyed.

    He could also be named CoconutMan. He overcomes villains by chucking coconuts at them from atop a 'thengu'. Also, he trips them by pouring coconut oil on the ground. Very innovative no?


  2. @Ajeesh :P

    @Spaceman Spiff: LungiMan!:D Arum angere lungi ennu paranju kallikathe irikana nalle onnatharum mundu koduthathu. hihi :D.

    @Sajesh :D

  3. We officially name him as LungiMan - suggested by my dear friend Divya aka @Spaceman Spiff

    Also Lungiman is now on facebook.

    And you can follow him on twitter @lmlungiman.

  4. He uses banana chips as bullets and jackfruits as bombs!