Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jobs, Steve Jobs

A great mind, visionary, true innovator. One who changed the world as it is. May you find peace wherever you are.


Monday, October 3, 2011

The New Year Resolution

In this universe there are only two type of malayalees the alcoholic one, lets call them Alco and the non-alcoholics ones aka Nalco.

To be a certified malayalee there are few criteria’s to be met, one of the top priority being the passion to eat porotta, beef and other, the unearthly love towards intoxication(ie the Alcos).
To start with, I believe the Alcos are proud of themselves being an Alco, they are like this mighty warrior, who don’t hesitate to fight for their country till their last breath. Well they do have striking similarities, Both admire their Vaal [1], they both are pros in Vaal Paits [1] and they can conquer any land they step on. More on will tend to be cliched. So back to my story.

To say college days are the best time for starters, Its all about sharing and caring when it comes to booz. Well there are few who couldn't keep up to this reputation, the outnumbered ones the non alcoholics(aka Nalco). And yes, I happened to be one of them. I didn’t had any particular reason to be one, I did had some random reasons which I discovered during the occasional conversation with my inner soul. Some of them being,
    # No thanks, what if I get addicted
    # No thanks, I don't believe in wasting my dads money on this
    # Or I just didn’t want to follow the trend.
I had my own reasons. 

Often newbie friends were astonished to the fact of me being a Nalco, as they say I have all the aspects of a perfect Alco. How on earth can they say such thing at my innocent face. See [photo>] can you? see?
But nothing changed me, I remained same in college, years went by, college got over I was still me, Sometimes I even felt proud of my self control.

But destiny! she had a totally different script for me. It was in aug of 2008, I had an urge to taste it once, just once. The most happy ones to hear this news! Yes buddies in college. I could the see their foxy furious eyes and evil grin, all ready to tear up their prey, In short they were the happiest beings on earth that day. I just want to taste it once, so that was one tumbler for me. I don’t do measurements, for me its half a cup or full cup. So had a cup of rum and beer mix. Which was offered by one of the well known drinks master Sir Vijeesh Aka Ashan(master). He was very poud the way I handled my first drink and blessed me and said son, you have a great future my son. But After that day I was back being a Nalco malyalee.

Days passed, Months passed, and in Nov 2009, I had inner calling from my soul. he said "Son, Its time. Don’t you believe in salvation, why back off when am showing you the path. Now that you have proved your point, why not?. And it all came to me.
Ohh my great “the Inner voice”Thank you. But then that day should not be any ordinary day, I need to be different. Then came the idea of "the new year resolution", a resolution which could fulfill different objectives.
    #I will never forget the day.
    #I can finally fulfil a new year resolutions.
    #can plan with my close buddies
    #and the most important I will be no more, a Nalco.

I waited pouring oil in my eyes every single day(literally). And finally it came, December 31 st of 2009, me with my best buddies saty and vijish climbed over the water tank placed above a five storied flat with bottles in our one hand nicely readied grilled chicken wrapped with kubuse and porotta on the other. The day which history will recall as the NaCalco Day, the day a pure Nalco soul was converted into an Alco. Since then I have never turned back.

The Beginning

[1] - Please refer with a malayalee

Saturday, October 1, 2011

May her soul RIP

Will Miss you! will always cherish moments spend with you.
with loads of love

A few words about her - "oru durudham neranje jeevitham ayirunu , she survived - rain, staircase rides , road crashes, eaten by gaint baby. May be it was time she gave up, one last hard crash landing, trembling through the vitrified tiles never did I thought. I thought she will rise like a phoenix, which she always does. But, no she never opened her eyes. She just laid there numb, I could still hear her heart beat,   which slowly faded away into past, she was no more! "

May her soul RIP

Project BlogDays

I pledge to write blogs, every few days starting from today. As part of it I introduce

#Project blogDays - To put something every day.
#Project photoMania - Will tell Non-fictional/ fictional story based on a photo.