Friday, January 23, 2009

A trip !!!

If you are among my college mates, then you will be very much familiar with my gorgeous bike ,my soul mate !! My love !!, I cant imagine what i would have done without it,you will also remember how often i got stuck in between journeys cus of empty tank !!!! at least my friend remz will remember !!!!!!!
fig x.y

fig x.y represents a typical bike trip !!>

[:D] One of the latest happenings trip to Vypin beach : four of us decided to Vypin beach ie me and my friends Rony,Rameez,Ajish. rony was with me in my bike one the way ajish joined us but rameez had taken his car and already reached Vypin and was waiting for us . we had to take a pit stop at near by hospital as Rony was sick."My heart reallly wanted me to fill petrol in bike" but then i cant waste time as i have to take him hospital before the doctor leaves. As we got out of hospital we were already late and rameez was waiting for us at beach for more thn 1 hour, so again i cancelled the idea of filling petrol and zooms to Vipen beach and reached there by 6 pm.And Rameez he started to walk alon seashore waiting for us guess he had full round of beach !!!by this time it got very dark and hardly see any sea or beach in short, it was a waste .riding this far !!!!! and to make things worse was time for rameez to leave. Wow ! wat an evenin !! Okie we are going back.

Rameez and rony in Remz car then Ajish in his bike and of course me in my bike, ha one thing there are 3 bridges on way its a nice place, nice scenary that is !! okie bake to our journey as usual i was in front as i enjoyed riding fast, and then it was time my old mate,sweetheart,my love started to choke and voila it came to stand still :D!!! by this time i have crossed only one bridge, others passed by me they didnt noticed as i ahd parked my bike on side and they went on,sigh poor me, as I have came here earlier I knew there was a petrol pump just at the end of these bridges and I just had to cover two more bridges !! any ways i called up Ajish and asked him if he can try get fuel from there, so he came all the way back and went to place i said to realise there wasnt any pump in that area !!!! hmmm I wondered where did that go.So he came bak to pick me up, by the time he came back i manged to cross one more bridge phew!! so i was at the end of second bridge

I had to keep my bike by the roadside and locked it up and went with Ajish and wen i reached that place i realised that pump was closed up and they where building something else there !!!!
so we went ahead in search of a pump and couldnt find any and had to travel half way back, and Taddaaaaaa!!! we finally found one phew !!! To add spice it was on the opposite side of the road hence had to wait for around 15 mins to cross the road as it was on main road.
So we approached pump hoping they will have spare bottle to fill petrol anddddd..... and.. our hope was in vein .. now our next job was to find a bottle !!! wow on the opposite side there is a little store will find one there. this time we managed to cross the road quickly and reached the store
me:chetta empty bottle undu ?
chettan: NO,
me: da ajishe lets buy a softdrink 500 ml bottle
ajish : NO wat if they give petrol only 1 litre or above
me: oki will buy 1 ltr water, am very tired so will get cold one
ajish: okie
so shopkeeper gives us the COLDEST one, without wasting any time I opened it up and ...that bloddy thing was frozen inside. yup it was all ice now our next task was to melt this thing uhhhhhh.................
we tried all tricks knwn to human and finally succeeded !!! and i returned to room happily ever after !!!!


  1. pic u hav put in dere is one of our athirapilli trip..:P

  2. @krishna ya i was jst showin a typical xample of the "empty tank" case

  3. Oye bugger! Nice to know that you still remember the frustrating out-of-gas times we had.

    Are you still running on empty petrol tanks these days?

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  6. @remz well.. nowdays its kinda.. fine,but it still occurs once in a bluemoon :D i enjoy it .. no worries :p