Monday, April 14, 2008

3rd day .."The colored feather" 13\04\8.......

Its 1:08 Am having headache, little cold, bored and sitting Idle. I miss my gal friend, I cant find her anywhere. So have enough reasons to scribble on my blog, successful 3rd day. Is not like I have lots to discuss today, let's see how about "head ache" I know its a lousy topic, but right now nothing else is in my head. So head ache! there are various reason we get head ache of which most common being having fever or stress, tensions then in some cases loud voices. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr stupid topic! change of topic, 
lets talk abt my frnds ..

< My good old great friends since school. Actually there are more. We will divide them into modules. Now in this pic guy sitting in middle is "Satyajit" with out 'h' beside him on right it's "Vijish", guy in red is "Anand" and yellow one "Rajith", no he ain't blind ! So except for me and yellow guy, all others are employed and busy with there job. Red one is in Army! kewl huh, but then he still manages to  amature as he could. Enthu parayan there is banana talk in Malayalam that "dognte tail, ethra years pipil ititum, karyam illa. it will be same!" Something like this.I believe you get the point!
Ohhh its 3 AM, gotta sleep, c ya later.

Good morning.its `11 :00 Am. Sunday a nice day to be, yesterday a thing a happened! after 3 AM. Me and my friends were near lakeside making dip in water. in not so deep place. the safe zone. and we were floating with help of sum wooden stick and all and we floated and floated and Then we realized our wooden stick !! it broke.. oh my god !! damn....sum how managed to grab on sum plants in between the lake... and we were holding on it.for a while.. and suddenly in the middle of no where a guy was swimming towards as from other side..came to us. and said "take this it will help you".and handed me a feather a color full one. something like that in the fig:

So the funny thing is that, the guy gave us 2 or 3 of them and said "this will help you", we kept blank for few moments and he left. So there I was holding it and in moments, my eyes were shutting down like was gonna faint and voila. next moment I found my self on shore. for a moment I kept thinking.what the hell happened !!!!! and I realized it teleported you to the places you wish! was the only possible reason I could think of! huhu now that's amazing. So we all got back to shore. But others wasn't still able to figure out how it worked and suddenly 3 or 4 guys. came running asking to hand over what that other guy (one who gave us the feathers) gave usl.. we smelled something we escaped. and I was. teleportin.around with this thing instead of runnin !! it was so cooll.. but there was. a lil kid among us. he was jst runnin aroun so I helped him.and we teleported to. home so.we all reached back to our places..hmmm ny ways we knw.we shwd be aware of that guys. thy will come again for sure !!.and one of us lost our phone also!! so thers high chance that thy mit have got it... ny ways we were back safe!!. and thn. sum of my frnds. who were not in scene came to knw about this. and evry one started askin me wether is ther nythin real.. does it wrk like that ????? So mny questions sigh !!!.so I thought I will demonstrate.. and I tuk the feather.. and. I tried hard. but. I was feelin kinda fainted but .wasnt goin nywhere now thats bad !!!!.. and suddenly my phone rang :) msg tone... I read it .it was from airtel about sum .offer. and wen I lukd at time.. its was 10 30 AM... damn I slept till 10 30 AM.. so I got up brushed,.. and started bloggin !!!! weird dreams. hihi. may be because I saw movie " jumper" a few weeks b4. what should I name this story.. uh. "The man with the feather " or "colord feather" or.. "jst another stupid Dream of mine." ;)

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