Saturday, April 19, 2008

My fist job call !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a friend of mine you will be knowing that am jobless since i got "some" back papers uh "some" means a "little" a "bit" thats all. any ways because of which wasnt able to attend any placement in college now that college is over am suppose to get job as soon as... possible.. i dont want my parents to get bankrupt.. feeding me .!!!!
So theres Our cool loving senior MR Sid asked us to mail him our resumes !!!
so me and my rommies mailed him our resumes.. and then i forgot about all those things never even bothered him asking whether he forwarded it !!!
one day there i was leaning on chair as usual scribbling on my computer .. and suddenly phone rang hmmm a local land line number in Ernakulam thought some friends will be calling from home [thanks to mobile Gen we don't have remember our friends land line no anymore ;) ..] So i casually took the phone.......

["*" things goin in my mind ]
Me : hellooooo...
Caller : Is this Rohan? [*a sweet voice,sounds like my friend divya (//wen she aint eatin our ears tht is !!) ]
Me : athe [*My opinion :If somebody starts talking in Eng, first try hard to bring them down to there mother tongue :) ..its the least we could do for our gods own country .. so .. ]

Sweet voice : This is Ann calling from XYZ ... we got your resume forwarded
Me : uhhhhhhhh okie.....

Sweet voice again :so tell which all languages are you comfortable with ??
Me : uhh C , Java (*ya rit !! i could hardly create a java program to Print "C" .!! yup very much comfortable )

Sweet voice :So .. how about PHP me :NO... (*uhh my mini project was in PHP )
Sweet voice :hmm here in your resume it says that you have done mini project in PHP!!

Me :(*screwed up ) uuhhhh.. hmm .. actually I do know a bit, copy paste to be precise actually am not interested in that field (*great what the hell am i saying i love web designing ).

The voice :can you come for interview on coming Saturday
Me :uhhhh hmm my exams are going on in may i will be free :D (*luk whose got the demand!!! )

still that same old voice : may uhhhhh........ okie i will mail you the details u can reply confirming the day u are available .
Me : okie thanks (*Sigh so much for ma first interview call.. SH#^ !!! )

.. Abt test in another post :D

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