Friday, April 11, 2008

Yupiie my 1st post [11/4/08]

Ho!! wat shuld i write i feel like to keeeeep on ..typin hmm .. but a startin trouble frm where shuld i start ,i have no idea. uhhhh. now ths is veery bad rit !! i haave to type sumttihin here uhhhh lets see hmmmm so havve u ppl tried yoga ... ya yoga !! tht thing which ppl do... to maintain body health nd concentration its a pretty gud thin .u knw wat!! i always wanted to study tht ..but thn its life ... we cant have evrythin we wish for.. but stiill .. ya ya.a. there are mny thinggss which i wish to .. i wish i could study photographhy i am very much interested in tht will shw my photoography later posts well thts is if i continue to post [:D].. yup for past four years i have made many blogs... but i didnt continued any of thm !!! ya am a pretty lazy guy ..hmm I feel like siigin off !!! I ...feel like to "study " this is a amazing feelin which remain only few minutes or ya seconds ... so c yaa later.

Am back.. no i didnt do ny study . i had to drop my rommiee to busstop....he went home oh sigh i will miss his PJ's or so called "challuss" as hes the chaliyaan king of our flat... but wnt beat my other chaliyaan frnd called Anish .. tht dude my god!! u will knw if u chat with him for every question u ask u will get a PJ's unless u r talkin serious stuffs such as web designing of other graphics things nd ya phottographyy.... welll if u wan to try out him ..heres the orkut profile link
well i got mny interestin frnds .. well there is one guy ...."JAda" ... if u want jaada chatting feel free to scrap this guy
dnt wry I guarantee he wont let u down..


  1. da manda....ninte pranthu ithu vare aayittum mariyille....??????

  2. nee aaraannaa ninte vichaaramm??????? oru system-vum net connection-um undenkil ippol eathu "andanum adakoodanum" "eanthum" cheyyaam eannaanooo??????????????????